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Blockchain is now.

“The unique technology of the Algorand Blockchain delivers breakthrough innovation opportunities and benefits for business and society today.”

Silvio Micali

Silvio Micali, founder of Algorand and Algorand Labs, MIT Professor, and Turing Award winner.

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Silvio Micali has been on the faculty at MIT, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, since 1983. Silvio’s research interests are cryptography, zero knowledge, pseudorandom generation, secure protocols, mechanism design and blockchain. In particular, Silvio is the co-inventor of probabilistic encryption, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Verifiable Random Functions and many of the protocols that are the foundations of modern cryptography. In 2017, Silvio founded Algorand, a fully decentralized, secure, and scalable blockchain which provides a common platform for building products and services for a borderless economy.

At Algorand, Silvio oversees all research, including theory, security and crypto finance. Silvio is the recipient of the Turing Award (in computer science), of the Gödel Prize (in theoretical computer science) and the RSA prize (in cryptography). He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and Accademia dei Lincei.

Silvio has received his Laurea in Mathematics from the University of Rome, and his PhD in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

Our products

Security, Efficiency and Sustainability.
Without compromises.

Our mission is to create a new generation of blockchain applications, to empower new business models and facilitate global-scale human progress.

About us

Innovation is in our DNA

We are the heirs of the team that generated the Algorand blockchain: the first and only to solve the blockchain trilemma and remove the technical barriers that for years undermined mainstream blockchain adoption.

We are visionaries.
Our feet are on the earth.

We share the deep care for our planet and the human-centered vision for digital evolution of our founder Silvio Micali.

The Algorand blockchain

The power of a unique protocol.

Our applications are built on the high performance Algorand Blockchain.

Algorand, carbon net free from birth, is the proof that the most sustainable blockchain can also be the most powerful, and the least expensive.

Its evolutionary design guarantees seamless future integrations and decentralized interoperability, to satisfy the needs of its communities, today and tomorrow.

Algorand removed the technical barriers that for years undermined mainstream blockchain adoption: decentralization, scale, and security.

Its permissionless and Pure Proof of Stake™ consensus mechanism ensures full participation, protection, and speed within a truly decentralized network.

With blocks finalized in seconds, Algorand’s transaction throughput is on par with large payment and financial networks.

Algorand is the first blockchain to provide immediate transaction finality. No forking. No uncertainty.

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Work with us

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